It’s summer. Deconfine your radio!

For many, the health crisis is finally behind us. And, at least in the northern hemisphere, this deconfinement coincides with the arrival of summer, sun, holidays, and the beach. Therefore, the ideal thing to do is to accompany your listeners during this specific period. After the assets supported during the confinement, you will share with them the happiness of being free at last. But how to translate this feeling on the air of a web radio? By small touches that are quite simple to put in place. This is what we will see here through four very simple tips.

Jingle makeover!

That’s a principle that seems outdated. Putting sunshine in your jingles, adding cicadas, waves, and tinkling glasses, so many noises symbolizing summer, holidays… and freedom, is the easiest way to change your on-air vibe. Don’t remake your jingles, just add a few sound elements that you can easily find on many sites offering free elements, such as universal-soundbank, for example. This is the easiest thing to do.

Add a taste of freedom to your program

Summer and de-confinement are here. But don’t change your whole program! Use small touches to make it evolve slightly during this period. The principle is simple, choose about twenty tracks which, while remaining faithful to your musical niche, will give a taste of freedom and a little extra warmth to your radio. How to choose them? Thanks to keywords in the titles (freedom, summer, beach, etc…) but also, sometimes, according to the artists, some symbolizing more than others the party and the holidays. Don’t overuse these titles, at the risk of turning into “summer radio” and thus completely confusing your loyal listeners, but sprinkle them over your programming.

Do reporting/podcast outdoors!

We can finally go outside! So get your mikes out, too, and offer to broadcast outside. If most summer festivals are unfortunately canceled, nothing prevents you from going outside to record the happy testimonies of your fellow citizens. The happy days are back, transcribe this atmosphere on your station with short reports. In terms of format/duration and broadcasting, several solutions are available to you. First of all, opt for short formats (two minutes maximum) so as not to disturb your listeners who are used to music. Don’t overuse the broadcast of these clips, which you can also offer as podcasts on your website.

Take advantage of the de-confinement to develop your Instagram stories

Summer and the de-confinement, with its bundle of beautiful, sunny, and often unusual images, can allow your radio station to get into Instagram stories. Set the scene for yourself and your radio crew in a quirky way. If you have microphones with a custom windscreen, take your radio’s microphone to your vacation spots and take pictures. Don’t hesitate to post the “making off” of your little reports.

In a more general way, play the card of beautiful images on all your social networks (don’t forget to modify your Facebook and Twitter covers). Have a nice summer and a good de-confinement!