Cruise rhythm on Shoutcast for Radio Turbulences

Created in Normandy by Alain Pimoulle, a true French radio enthusiast, this web radio is serenely pursuing its trajectory on Shoutcast, broadcasting “60 years of premium music”. Interview.

Hello Alain, tell us about your career and the history of Radio Turbulences…

I discovered radio at a very young age, at about 22, I got behind the microphone and the mixing desk. In the 80s, a lot of FM radio stations were being set up in France. I did thousands of hours of air time. And then life took me away from all that. I’m in my fifties now and I’m in a serious health crisis now, I tell myself I had to make my dreams come true. Web radios have developed. I started broadcasting as early as March 1996!

Then the Radionomy platform helped me a lot. I quickly found an excellent professional voice-over for my liners, that of William, whom I thank again! The radio is now broadcasted on Shoutcast, a very well known brand and a better reference.

What is the concept of radio?

The concept of radio, 60 years of premium music, makes me look for old hits, and I’m always discovering new ones. Little by little, I add titles I hadn’t thought of, I also add recent titles that correspond to my format, and then, sometimes, I take out some (in homeopathic doses), which seem to me, on listening, irrelevant?

Did the period of confinement allow you to evolve your radio?

I’ve completely redesigned the website, it’s much more beautiful than before!

Do you think your radio was particularly well suited to the period of confinement we went through?

Yes, Turbulence was the right choice to accompany the confinement! Why was it the right choice? Well, I find that current music isn’t very fun, it’s not rock or jazzy! And then listening to the same 200 tracks all day long in a loop, it’s not great either! With more than 1200 tracks in “stock”, it’s still more variety for the listener.

Thank you, Alain, and long live Turbulences!