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‘Netflix’s ‘V Wars’ will come back for Season 2'

V Wars is Netflix's latest series which premiered on December 5, 2019 but fans of science fiction horror shows have already ...Read More

Pakistani-American journalist selected to moderate US presidential debate

NEW YORK: Amna Nawaz, an upcoming Pakistani-American journalist, has been selected to moderate a US presidential debate, which would make ...Read More

Sindh govt is not faltering, it has failed: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said governance in Sindh was not only dissatisfactory, but also unsuccessful. The prime ...Read More

Trump calls on World Bank to stop lending to China

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Friday called for the World Bank to stop loaning money to China, one day ...Read More

IHC to hear Nawaz Sharif’s appeal against Al-Azizia sentence on Dec 18

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) will hear former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s appeal on the sentence given in the Al-Azizia ...Read More

پاکستان سپر لیگ 2020 کا ٹائٹل سانگ کس کی آواز میں ہو گا؟

پاکستان سپر لیگ کے پانچویں ایڈیشن کے لیے ڈرافٹنگ کا آغاز ہو چکا ہے اور مداحوں کو سپر لیگ سے ...Read More

PSL draft 2020: Franchises make their picks for next year’s tournament

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) player draft 2020 was underway in Lahore in which the franchises battled out for some ...Read More

China categorically rejects reports of abuse, organ trade involving Pakistani brides

The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad on Wednesday categorically rejected the media report by an American press agency that had claimed ...Read More

لال لال کی مہم الٹی ہی نہ پڑ جائے

طلبہ کو استعمال کرکے آزادیٔ رائے کا وہ معیار یہاں مقرر کریں جو مغرب میں ہے جس کی وجہ سے ...Read More

جنوبی افریقا کے سابق اسٹار کرکٹر جونٹی رہوڈزکی پاکستان آمد

جنوبی افریقا کے سابق اسٹار کھلاڑی جونٹی رہوڈز نے پاکستان میں نوجوان ایمرجنگ کھلاڑیوں کو فیلڈنگ ٹپس دیں۔ اپنی پھرتیلی ...Read More

The Upcoming iPhone Will Cost $400: Analyst

No matter how popular iPhones are, a lot of consumers are not ready to spend $1,000 on something like a ...Read More

Huawei Wants to Share 5G Source Code to Improve its Standing.

Huawei, in its pursuit to reset the playing field, is willing to help its western competitors build a 5G system ...Read More

New Huawei handset to launch without Google apps

SAN FRANCISCO: Huawei’s upcoming flagship Mate 30 smartphone will launch next month without key Google apps, creating a disadvantage for ...Read More

Zong Achieves 1.14Gbps Speed on its 5G Network in Pakistan [Speedtest Video]

Zong today showcased its 5G network to the world at an event that was attended by Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, ...Read More

Zong CMPAK Conducts Pakistan’s First Successful 5G Trials

ZonG, China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak), has become the first Pakistani telecom to successfully conduct 5G trials in Pakistan. Being a ...Read More

Motorola One Action Takes On GoPro and Other Adventure Cameras

The Motorola One Action has just gone official, it comes with an Exynos 9609 chipset, a large 6.3-inch IPS LCD ...Read More

3G/4G Mobile Spectrum Allocation Has Been Slow in Pakistan: Report

Mobile spectrum allocation and assignment in Pakistan has been slow and unable to match the evolution of technology, even when ...Read More

Apple FaceTime is Now Officially Enabled in Pakistan

When it comes to exclusive iPhone applications, FaceTime is one of the fan favorites. However, until now, most iPhone users ...Read More

Zong 4G Announces Prepaid Data Roaming Bundle for United Kingdom

Zong 4G, in its pursuit to provide seamless connectivity anywhere and everywhere, has launched its affordable data roaming services in ...Read More

Sony Mobile’s Misery Continues With Fifth Consecutive Quarterly Loss

Other than Apple and Samsung, most smartphone companies that are actually doing well are the new Chinese phone makers like ...Read More

‘تبدیلی زیادتی ہو گی، سری لنکا کے خلاف اسی ٹیم کو موقع دیں’

آسٹریلیا سیریز میں پاکستانی ٹیم کی بدترین کارکردگی کے باوجود چیف سلیکٹر و ہیڈ کوچ مصباح الحق اور بولنگ کوچ ...Read More

ایڈیلیڈ ٹیسٹ میں پاکستان کو اننگز اور 48 رنز سے شکست، آسٹریلیا کا کلین سوئپ

برسبین ٹیسٹ کے بعد ایڈیلیڈ ٹیسٹ میں بھی پاکستان کو ایک اننگز اور 48 رنز سے شکست ہو گئی ہے ...Read More

PSL 2020: Franchises retain major names

Almost all the key members of the Pakistan T20I cricket team have been retained by their respective franchises for the ...Read More

David Warner unfazed after world record bid cut short

 Australian batsman David Warner celebrates reaching his triple century (300 runs) during the day two of the second Test match ...Read More

Usman Shinwari transfers to Lahore Qalandars for PSL 2020

Left-arm fast bowler Usman Shinwari has become the first player to be transferred in the Pakistan Super League 2020 (PSL) ...Read More