About us

FM World Pakistan Provides Digital/FM/Web & App Radio Broadcasting, Podcasting, Radio Advertising, RJ/DJ Training, News & Media Production Services. Our studio is fully equipped with latest and modern broadcasting facilities. The operations are fully computerized and latest broadcasting trends. It has the state-of-the-art Digital Recording Studios with Computerized Control rooms for live and recorded programs. 

We Provide Following Services

FM Radio & Social Media Advertisement

Commercial Spot
Sponsor Segment
Sponsor Show
Branded Show
Day Branding
Time Check
Sponsor Song
Live Coverage
RJ Endorsement
Digital Ad Banner on Web Page & Social Media Sites.

Broadcasting Academy

Share the knowledge and experience of best industry practices.
Standardise the skills to ensure consistency across coverage.
Develop and Improve RADIO/TV broadcasting skills.

Audio & Video Production

Audio & Video Production, Ad Making, Voice Over Record, Artist Radio Tours, Commercial Production, Audio Remote Recording, Music & SFX Libraries, Analogue to Digital Transfers, & Much More.

Audio & Video Streaming

Our Streaming is the one-stop solution for internet broadcasters, who want to reach the world of music lovers with their own online radio station. We have high speed streaming servers in Europe and the USA, catering for almost everyone, and our prices cannot be beaten, this does not mean we cut down on quality of service, far from it, our levels of expertise and customer service are just one of the high points of the Shout Cast & Ice Cast Radio Streamers.


Radio FM World Pakistan, “The Power of Voice”…!!!