Soul Connection from FM to web radio on Shoutcast

Soul Connection is a web radio broadcasted on Shoutcast and has found its faithful audience over the years. But for Michel Dunand, 49, who is the broadcaster, the project started well before the emergence of the web radio medium. Soul Connection has been around since 1994! It is indeed at the beginning of an FM broadcast on several FM radios in Normandy. From now on, the Soul Connection program is broadcast 24/7 on the web radio bearing the same name.

“I’ve been passionate about music since I was very young,” says Michel Dunand, who lives in Evreux. “In the 80s, I was mainly interested in hip hop and electro. Then I wanted to discover the original tracks sampled in the releases of the time. It’s since 1990 that I started collecting soul vinyl and looking for gems from the 60s and 70s. I wanted to “share” my collection with other people, hence the idea of proposing a radio show and then on web radio.”

“Initially, on the web radio, I only played soul music from the 60s and 70s. Little by little, I started to add a few new songs to the playlist, then a bit of funk too. Today, the programming is more structured with a dominant “Classic Soul” during the day, but also with some new releases and more and more Disco/Funk tracks. On Saturday evenings, I extend the Disco/Funk program from 8 pm to 5 am. In principle, I bring in about twenty new releases each month, which correspond to the “favorites” of my radio show. “

Michel, whose FM show is available as a podcast on, has new projects for September: “I plan to broadcast music reviews on the web radio. They are currently being produced and will be put online at the beginning of September. “He is delighted with the switchover to Shoutcast at the end of 2019 which has presented “no problems”. Shoutcast is a platform that has a wider distribution, so it’s a good thing for all web radios, he concludes, delighted, the one whose radio audience is “constantly increasing”.