Water Filtration and Purification Plants to be Installed Across Punjab: Governor

The Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority (PAPA) will set up water filtration and purification plants across Punjab, said Chaudhry Sarwar, Governor of Punjab on Sunday.

Sarwar has sworn to restart non-functional water schemes within a few months, coincidentally he is the designated patron-in-chief of the authority.

By December, over five million homes will be provided with access to potable water said the Governor. He further said that commissioners across the province have been ordered to submit reports on water schemes.

A substantial amount of public funds have been wasted by previous governments on water schemes, said Sarwar.

On the subject of issues faced by overseas Pakistanis, he reiterated that the PTI government is fully committed to addressing these issues.

It is pertinent to point out that PAPA’s (no pun intended) establishment by the PTI government has replaced the company formed by former Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, the Saaf Pani Company.

PAPA’s mandate is to form a strategy, and survey the water contamination and provide clean drinking water by setting up water filtration, and purification plants.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is well respected by overseas Pakistanis, the governor said.