Former Google Employee’s Chrome Extension Simplifies Your Gmail Inbox.

Even after years of updates, our Gmail inbox continues to stay cluttered with all kinds of buttons and menus thrown together on the screen. While some are used to it, others are just irritated by it. Thankfully, Gmail’s former lead designer Micheal Leggett decided to put an end to this.

Made by Micheal Leggett, Simplify is a Chrome extension meant to make your Gmail inbox a lot simpler to get through. Simplify gets rid of all of Gmail’s sidebars and puts them into discrete drop-down menus.

It puts the search button to a less prominent region and highlights all the core functions like delete, by moving it to the top bar. All of the colored labels are cleared out and the button for new email has been moved to the bottom right alongside the options button.

Micheal had been working to improve Gmail’s interface for years. He says,

I’ve been writing Chrome extensions for years to simplify the apps I use but have only ever shared them with friends. With the unfortunate demise of Google Inbox, I wanted to bring the simplified email experience to Gmail.

Micheal goes on further to assure us that the extension is completely safe to use. There are no trackers and no data is sent anywhere. There are no ads either and all of the code is available publicly on GitHub.

Simplify is available for free at Chrome’s webstore.