PTA Mobile Tax List 2022: How Much You Have to Pay to Register your iPhone 13

PTA Mobile Tax List 2022: This is the era of mobile phones and telecom equipment, which are now necessities. Unfortunately, these necessities are also subjected to significant tariffs in the government’s mini-budget, making access to these equipment practically unattainable for the average person. Also, for those considering purchasing a new iPhone 13, the Tax to Register your iPhone 13 has been raised to 85,000 from 46,500 earlier.

As far as other devices are concerned, the tax is equally raised to almost double on different price ranges.

The government raised a total of Rs 350 billion through new levies in the mini-budget. Because the telecommunications sector accounts for one-tenth of these income receipts. Because mobile phones are used by 98 percent of Pakistan’s 147 million people, the bulk of users will be subject to these ever-increasing taxes.

These taxes will not only affect individuals with low incomes, but those who want to buy an iPhone 13 would have to pay a huge amount of 85500, which is excessive.

Aside from that, the tax on mobile phone recharges has been raised. The federal government has agreed to levy a 15% withholding tax on all prepaid phone recharges.