NCOC implements essential protocols in Masajid, other worship places

National Command and Operation Center has decided to implement essential protocols in Masajid and other worship places.

The decision was taken at the NCOC session in Islamabad, which took a detailed review of the current coronavirus situation in the country.

The NCOC agreed that only fully vaccinated individuals should be allowed for prayers in Masajid and other worship places.

It was decided that carpets will be removed from Masajid and wearing of masks will also be mandatory for people.

The forum asked people to maintain at least six feet social distancing and sanitize their hands frequently.

The people were also asked to perform ablution preferably at home and show minimal attendance for prayers in Masajid.

It was agreed that opening of doors and windows for ventilation will be ensured while prayers will be organised preferably at open places.

The Masajid managements have been asked to hold short sermon for Jumma prayer.