Matrix Pharma leads initiatives to raise awareness of Iron Deficiency

• Iron Deficiency Day unites a strong international coalition dedicated to raising international awareness on the serious health impact of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia
• Patient access to diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency directly affected by COVID-19 pandemic
• This year, spotlight is on raising awareness on symptoms and importance of early diagnosis

Karachi, November 25, 2022: Matrix Pharma took a lead today, in view of ‘World Iron Deficiency Day’, for the advocacy and awareness on ‘Iron Deficiency in Pakistan’ with the aim to educate people about the importance of iron for the body and what can happen if iron levels are not properly managed. In a press conference held at Karachi Press Club, it was elaborated that Iron Deficiency Day 2022 encourages people at risk to listen to their body, to take iron seriously and to take control of their health by seeking early diagnosis and medical help from their physician.

Dr. Atia Tariq, Product Manager lead the proceedings and explained that Anemia is a major health problem globally as well as for Pakistan affecting 41.7% WRA (Women of reproductive age) and 53.1% of children. Anemia free Pakistan is a mission to eradicate anemia, for a healthier nation and better lifestyle for our mothers, sisters, wives and people around us.

“At Matrix Pharma we strive to help people live a healthier life. Keeping this objective in the mind we aimed to spread awareness regarding anemia, a public health concern that is extremely wide spread yet something often doesn’t get the requisite attention”, she added.

“Early management is the only key to further spread the worldwide concerning condition and Hb test is the first step towards anemia free Pakistan because Hb in the blood test should be more than 12. We have executed more than 4,000 Hb tests in Pakistan to establish the initial step towards anemia free Pakistan”, she further elaborated.

Renowned consultants also attended the press conference and briefed the media that Iron Deficiency affects about half of the patients with chronic kidney disease and chronic heart failure and is associated with reduced quality of life, an increased risk of hospitalization and cardiovascular death. Despite the serious consequences and high prevalence, of iron deficiency, the condition remains under-recognized.

Associate Professor Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Dr. Amna Najeeb; Consultant Gynecologist Dr. Gulshan Talpur; Consultant Gynecologist Dr. Nasra Asghar and Consultant Gynecologist Dr. Nishat Fatima expressed their thoughts and shared useful information.


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About Iron Deficiency:
Iron plays a vital role in many bodily processes, including the production of red blood cells, effective heart and brain function, and the prevention of infection and illness. Without enough iron, the body is unable to function properly. Common symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia is estimated to affect one in three people worldwide, yet despite the serious consequences and high prevalence, it remains an under-recognized condition. Although iron deficiency can affect anyone, it is most prevalent in premenopausal women, pregnant woman and children under five. Left untreated, it can develop into iron deficiency anemia. The effects of iron deficiency differ from person to person but can be linked to an overall decline in general health and well-being. Even without anemia, iron deficiency can be debilitating, exacerbate an underlying chronic disease and lead to increased morbidity and mortality. Common symptoms include fatigue, pale skin, brittle nails, craving non-food items such as dirt, clay and ice, and an inability to concentrate. In children, iron deficiency can significantly impair cognitive and motor development.