HUAWEI CLOUD Summit MEA set to open on March 28 for a two-day event in Dubai

• Industry leaders to meet in Dubai for the first major HUAWEI CLOUD offline event of 2022
• Huawei and industry partners to discuss best practices and insights on how organizations can better leverage cloud and AI technologies

Islamabad – March 24, 2022: Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, will be hosting the HUAWEI CLOUD Summit Middle East & Africa, the first major offline event of 2022 in Dubai from March 28th – 29th. The summit will bring together over 100 industry leaders to discuss best practices and insights on how the government and public sectors, finance, carriers, media, e-commerce, gaming, and other industries can better leverage cloud and AI technologies across various functions.

Throughout the summit’s different sessions and presentations, Huawei executives and experts will highlight the cloud’s integral role in the region’s digital transformation. Customers and Partners will also share their own successful use cases in cloud transformation.

During the event, Huawei will also highlight how HUAWEI CLOUD can accelerate digital transformation of the organisations in the region, while also minimising the carbon footprint from their IT infrastructure to hit the sustainable development targets, speed up the development of new apps and business processes, and enable organizations to innovate faster.

The company will also demonstrate why business leaders should adopt Cloud Native 2.0 architectures to boost innovation and digitalization. As one of the earliest adopters of container technology, Huawei has accumulated rich practical experience and provides fully vetted, full-stack container services for enterprise users to migrate applications to the cloud and succeed in the Cloud Native 2.0 era.

Frank Dai, President, HUAWEI CLOUD Middle East, said, “The HUAWEI CLOUD Summit MEA 2022 is being held against a backdrop of digitization trends that began during the pandemic and are now shaping the regional business landscape. The summit allows us to take stock of the rapid progress that the Huawei Cloud platform has made in the past few years, demonstrate our unmatched value proposition in the public cloud space, and invite our customers and partners to innovate together.”

The summit will also review the progress of the HUAWEI CLOUD Oasis Program launched in September 2021 to support technology enterprises and ecosystems in the Middle East. At the time, Huawei pledged to invest $15 million over three years to assist 3,000 experts in the region, support over 1,500 consulting and technical partners, and empower more than 100 SMEs to develop their cloud capabilities.

Separately, Jimmy Zhao, the CEO of game developer Chain X Game, will also preview REVOLAND, the first blockchain game built on HUAWEI CLOUD, set for release in April 2022.

HUAWEI CLOUD has emerged as an essential platform for internet companies and organizations to go digital. Five years into its development, HUAWEI CLOUD has attracted 2.6 million developers, 28,000 consulting partners, 9,000 technical partners, and released 6,100 Marketplace products. In the Middle East, HUAWEI CLOUD offers more than 220 services, 19 data centers, over 200 local partners, and a growing list of more than 80 marketplace offerings.

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