Elections 2024: People overwhelmingly throng to polling stations to cast their votes

People overwhelmingly thronged to the polling stations across the country to cast their votes. 

Large queues of voters can be seen at polling stations established in all the four provinces, reflecting their strong belief in the democratic process.

The charged voters are massively participating in the election process with great enthusiasm in all cities, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Similarly, people living in far flung areas like Waziristan are also taking part in the voting with a great spirit and zeal.

Voters in rural areas of the country too are turning up at the polling stations with friends and family members to exercise their right to franchise.

The general public has expressed great satisfaction over the peaceful polling process going on in the country. 

The polling time will continue from 8th of this morning till five in the evening without any interval.

Elaborate security arrangements are in place to thwart out any untoward incident in the country.