Coronavirus – Islamabad Developing Update:

Coronavirus – Islamabad Developing Update:

Due to the upsurge in coronavirus following decisions have been enforced.

1- 50% work from a home policy will be implemented in ICT with immediate effect

2- Time limit of 2200hrs on all commercial activities is hereby re-enforced with immediate effect except essential items (pharmacy and medical shops, groceries stores and bakeries).

3- All amusement parks in ICT will be closed at 1800hrs

4- The earlier decision of allowing indoor weddings, indoor Dine-In and opening of cinemas and shrines with effect from 15th March has been withdrawn. However, outdoor dining take away will continue as per previous practice with strict enforcement of Covid 19 SOPs

5- Outdoor gatherings will be allowed in open space with SOPs limited to a maximum of 300 individuals with strict enforcement of Covid 19 SOPs

6- Implementation of SOPs regarding SOPs social distancing, wearing of face masks, proper sanitation and disinfection will continue. In case of any violation, strict action will be taken

7- These measures will remain enforced till 15th April

Wear Mask, Maintain Social Distancing and Stay Safe!