Zong Faces Major Country-Wide Disruption

Zong users today faced hour long down time (actually more for some users), throughout the country, we checked with dozens of Mobile users from various cities.

Thousands of users stormed Twitter with complaints about the network outage, while the company worked to get back online.

Even when back live, select users continued to face issues as the complete restoration from complete halt of an entire network takes time.

Zong spokesperson, while confirming the problems, said that an unexpected commercial power outage was to blame for the network issues.

“Zong network services were temporarily down in some areas. Power issue has been resolved and services have been restored. Inconvenience is regretted”, he said in statement shared with media.

Not to mention, the network continues to face issues as users are currently reporting that company’s billing system has crashed and that all calls, messages and data services are free of any charge on Zong network.

This is one of its kind outage, and a rare scene in Pakistan’s telecom market. We are awaiting more details on the development to share with our readers