Zong Becomes Exclusive Connectivity Partner for PUBG Mobile National Championship Pakistan

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading cellular and digital services provider, has become the exclusive connectivity partner for the PUBG Mobile National and Campus Championships Pakistan 2021. The best players and teams in the country will be competing for the PMPL slots and prize pool.

The move amplifies Zong’s ‘Let’s Get Digital’ motto and further strengthens its status as a preferred connectivity partner for the digitally savvy generation. The company stays committed to empowering the youth of Pakistan by providing them with robust platforms for constructive engagement and safe entertainment.

“We are excited to be the exclusive partner for the much-anticipated PUBG Mobile National Championship Pakistan 2021,” Zong’s official spokesperson said. “Zong is undoubtedly the best network for gaming in Pakistan.”

“This partnership is a testament to our relentless focus towards ‘Let’s Get Digital’ ambition and our efforts to provide young users with innovative opportunities and platforms. Such opportunities will allow youth to engage in fun activities and showcase their talent on both national and global levels,” he added.

Sharing his views on the partnership, Khawar Naeem – Country representative for PUBG Mobile, said, “PUBG Mobile is the most loved and favorite gaming brand in Pakistan. We at PUBG Mobile are committed to building the local E-sports ecosystem with partners who believe in our vision. Pakistan has a huge potential in E-sports with PUBG Mobile leading the growth through National competitive events.”

He further added, “We are focused on localizing the game and are working closely with our local influencers and community. With their feedback, we have already initiated local integrations like recently launched voice-packs in Urdu and Punjabi. In the future, with support from Zong 4G, we will be making further additions to localize the game.”

PUBG Mobile is leading the local gaming landscape and creating opportunities for e-sports players within Pakistan. Zong’s support for the National and Campus Championships is not only a testament to keeping the gaming community active, but it will also improve Pakistan’s visibility to the international gaming community.

Zong has taken many innovative and industry-leading initiatives to pursue its ‘Let’s Get Digital’ ambition. With the aim to lead the digital innovation in Pakistan, Zong 4G is spearheading the e-gaming and the digital agenda of the country and ensuring that the dream of Digital Pakistan is not far from becoming a reality.