Zong and Huawei Complete Commercial Deployment of the Longest Distance 5G Microwave MIMO link.

Zong and Huawei have completed a joint innovation, successfully achieving the industry’s longest distance 5G microwave MIMO link innovation test in Pakistan.

The test was based on the latest microwave technology of 5G and managed to reach 11km with 5Gbps capacity. This is the first commercial use of 5G microwave MIMO solution for large-scale commercial use in Pakistan.

Generally, the microwave MIMO technology is applied to a distance of less than 7km, but the innovation test reached 11.03km, which is the longest microwave MIMO link in the industry. Using a new algorithm, the 5G microwave MIMO link can stably provide 3.5Gbps capacity and reach maximum 5Gbps with 2* 56 MHz channel spacing which is known as the longest microwave and largest MIMO link in the industry.

This technology innovates to solve the problem of bandwidth upgrade under limited spectrum resources and can be flexibly expanded to double the capacity. The success of this operation is of great significance to operators with limited resources, which means that operators do not need to wait for more spectrum resources and can further improve the evolution of 5G technology.

Perry Yang, the president of the microwave product line, said:

Creating value for customers with innovative technologies is the main reason for Huawei’s microwave technology. Huawei is looking forward to joint innovation with more operators to contribute to network development.