World desperately waiting for morality-based world order, dominated by human equality: President

President Dr Arif Alvi says the world is going through a complex situation and it is desperately waiting for a morality-based world order, dominated by human compassion and equality.

He expressed these views during his interaction with speakers and participants of Islamabad Security Dialogue in Islamabad today [Saturday].

The President said it was expected that enlightened and educated people, entrusted with power, would do justice with humanity through a morality-based world order.

However, he regretted that there is divergence in the world when it comes to simultaneous application of the international laws upon different countries.

The President said different values for humans pose a threat to the world whereas, inequality in wealth among humans also cause a strain, despite the global efforts to bridge the difference.

Enumerating the modern-day challenges, he said misuses of freedom of speech, the spread of mis-information and dis-information through fake news are some of the new challenges emerging in the world.