Tuba Aamir & Aamir Liaquat Celebrate Their Third Nikah Anniversary [Pictures]

Tuba Aamir and Aamir Liaquat are one of the most talked about couples from Pakistani showbiz, and not for all the good reasons.

The two have been a controversial couple ever since the news of their marriage hit the internet. There were a lot of rumors and the public was a bit taken aback by Aamir Liaquat’s second marriage.

With time however, the public has grown to look up to them as celebrities. Over the 3 years of their marriage, we have seen them grow fond of each other on social media.

They are very supportive of each other and appreciate each other’s presence in good and bad times.

Both Aamir and Tuba are quite active on social media and they like sharing their memories with their followers.

On the occasion of their 3rd Nikkah anniversary Tuba Aamir wished her husband togetherness for the years to come.

“Nikkah Anniversary… 💝 @iamaamirliaquat Alhamdullilah! Allah pak bless us and make our bond stronger Aameen,” she wrote on her Instagram.

On this special day of their lives, let’s look back at some of their wonderful photographs.