The Pixel 3 is the most-sold Google Pixel phone ever

Data from International Data Corporation (IDC) suggested that an older smartphone from the Pixel lineup may have attracted customers more than the more recent Pixel 7 series, which Google just launched globally. While the company was busy touting the technological advancements of the new phones, IDC data suggested that older smartphones from the Pixel lineup may have been more popular.

According to statistics from the research and analytics company IDC, the Pixel 3 is the most popular Google Pixel phone to date. Google is a “small global player” in the smartphone market. According to the article, none of its prior models had ever sold more than 10 million units. Another intriguing finding is that the smaller phones usually perform better when Google introduces two versions (XL in early variations and Pro beginning with the Pixel 6 series).

It should be noted that the Google Pixel 3 series was the company’s final flagship line to debut in India. The company decided against releasing the flagship Pixel 4 model and instead introduced the mid-range Pixel 4a. For the second year in a row, Google utterly missed the India launch of the Pixel 5 series. As the tech giant unveiled the premium Pixel 6a earlier this year and the Pixel 7 series, things appear to be returning to normal.