The Citizens Foundation (TCF) launches Flood Relief Appeal in response to Pakistan Floods

Karachi, Pakistan – August, 2022: The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a non-profit operating schools in slums and rural areas in Pakistan, recently launched the TCF Flood Relief Appeal to help address immediate needs and enable rehabilitation in the future for flood-afflicted families in Pakistan.
The impact of the devastating floods continues to intensify in terms of its geographic spread as well as the intensity of misery it inflicts. Numerous schools being operated by TCF in these communities are now flooded and serving as refuge for displaced families ; scores of students, staff members and neighbours have lost their homes, and livelihoods across our communities have been swept away by the advancing waters.
Through the TCF FLOOD RELIEF APPEAL, the organisation aims to provide ONE MILLION MEALS to families who have lost all means of sustaining themselves, help RECONSTRUCT HOMES FOR FIVE THOUSAND FAMILIES once the flood waters recede and ensure the REHABILITATION OF ITS SCHOOLS damaged by the floods.

If you wish to contribute your Zakat and Sadqah to help flood-afflicted families sustain themselves and rebuild their lives, donate by visiting or call 0800 00 823 for donation pickup.
About The Citizens Foundation (TCF):

TCF is a strong advocate of the belief that a truly informed and educated society forms the foundation of a progressive state and instills in its citizens the ability to adapt and evolve with changing times. It is a non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 27 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organisations in the field of education for the less privileged, educating 280,000 students across 1,833 schools in Pakistan.

The TCF model focuses on providing quality education through purpose-built schools located in the heart of Pakistan’s urban slums and rural communities. To magnify its impact, improve enrolment and quality of education, TCF is now adopting Government schools across Pakistan.