Supreme Court to Start a New E-Court System on Monday.

In an unprecedented move, the Supreme Court of Pakistan is going to introduce an e-court system in the country starting this Monday.

A notification was issued in this regard by the Supreme Court on Thursday. It stated that the initiative would help fast-track the justice system and reduce the massive backlog of cases.

“It would be for the first time in judicial history that the Pakistani courts will be connected via video link facility,” the notice said, adding that it will help both lawyers and litigants.

The decision was taken in February this year, soon after incumbent Chief Justice, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa took the oath.

The court has also decided to establish special branches to deal with the different categories of cases.

At first, the e-court system will be established in Islamabad and its Karachi Registry.

A three-member bench headed by CJP Asif Khosa will start hearing the cases through this facility on Monday. The Court Room No.1 of the Principal Seat (Islamabad) has been connected to Karachi Registry where lawyers whose cases are fixed before Bench No.1 will argue their cases, the notice said.

Besides, providing swift justice, the initiative will also save precious time of honorable judges and the travel cost occurring on the recurring visits to SC’s Registries around the country.

The facility would also reduce adjournments of cases and encourage lawyers to pursue their cases without any delay. It will also facilitate lawyers to plead their cases in other courts in the city where Branch Registry is situated.