StormFiber launches in Quetta: 7th City to Join Its Fiber Optic Broadband Network. October 22, 2018

E xpanding its footprint rapidly, StormFiber is foraying into Baluchistan, providing the citizens of Quetta access to high speed internet, high definition TV and crystal clear voice calls.

Quetta is the seventh city to be added to StormFiber’s coveted Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network, joining the ranks of Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad and Peshawar.

This is the fourth city to be energized by StormFiber within the span of a year, following launches in Multan and Hyderabad in July. StormFiber announced its launch into Quetta, the provincial metropolis of Baluchistan, at an event organized at a local hotel with Senator Naseebullah Khan Bazai joining the event as its chief guest.

Popularly regarded as the “Fruit Garden of Pakistan” due to its numerous fruit orchards, Quetta is a small provincial metropolis, where the city and cantonment are striving to catch up with the pace of national urbanization. With students of the province flocking to Quetta for education, entrepreneurship is on the rise in the city, academic institutions such as BUITEMS and University of Baluchistan initiating programs to encourage such endeavors.

Access to reliable high speed internet will bolster the city’s struggle for development, spurring growth in all sectors. Ultra-fast and stable broadband service being an important catalyst for economic development in the modern era, the introduction of fiber-based gigabit internet connectivity of StormFiber (backed by Cybernet) will help Quetta to bridge the digital infrastructure gap and bring it on par with other global metropolitan cities. To further these national interests, StormFiber aims to deliver consistent internet services on FTTH infrastructure, along with HD television and crystal-clear voice services as it continues its expansion throughout Pakistan.