StormFiber Ignites Pakistan’s Tourism Potential With a Major Expansion

On Independence Day, Pakistan’s renowned fiber-optic broadband titan, StormFiber, announces a trailblazing venture into Swat, the nation’s heart of unparalleled natural splendor and cultural richness. Known as the “Switzerland of Pakistan,” Swat becomes the latest gem in StormFiber’s digital crown, marking it as the 23rd city to experience next-gen connectivity.

Mr. Fawad Yousuf Laher, StormFiber’s Managing Director, articulates the profound vision:
Pakistan’s diverse landscapes and culture are a treasure waiting for the global spotlight. Our expansion in Swat isn’t merely infrastructural; it’s an emblematic stride to spotlight Pakistan’s allure internationally. With our ultra-fast broadband, we empower locals to become global ambassadors of their majestic homeland.

The feat of deploying 100% fiber-optic internet in a mountainous expanse like Swat showcases StormFiber’s ambition for a nationwide digital transformation. Their unwavering broadband quality promises constant, blazing-fast connectivity, a lifeline for Swat’s influencers, entrepreneurs, and talents, bridging them to global horizons. This modern gateway can redefine education, industry, and tourism for its residents.


Mr. Maroof Ali Shahani, COO of Cyber Internet Services, emphasized the launch’s symbolic timing:

Our Independence Day expansion into Swat embodies our mission to bolster Pakistan’s global image, particularly in tourism, through unrivaled broadband services.

Insider buzz suggests StormFiber’s ambitious expansion drive is set to keep its pace through the year. The digital future of Pakistan looks brighter than ever.