Special flights being operated to transport 50,000 tents to Turkiye

Pakistan has initiated a special flight operation to transport 50,000 tents to Turkiye during the next two weeks.

First aircraft of this special flight series, carrying 1200 winterized tents has already reached the Turkish city of Adana while three ships carrying winterized tents are enroot and will reach the Turkish port city of Mersin this month.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is personally monitoring the earthquake relief assistance from Pakistan.

Under the directions of the Prime Minister, an air bridge was immediately established between Islamabad and Ankara on 6th February last, to transport rescue teams and deliver essential relief goods to earthquake victims.

Since then, earthquake relief supplies are being transported to brotherly Turkiye through air, land and sea routes.

In addition to the efforts of government, a number of NGOs from Pakistan are also on ground to support the recovery and rehabilitation efforts.