Situation Report: 272 New Cases, 11 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours

After a four weeks lock-down, and some businesses allowed to open yesterday, Pakistan saw 272 new cases on April 14th, 2020, 119 out of those were from Punjab, said latest verified data issued by National Command and Control Center.

A total of 11 patients died during past 24 hours, with four deaths each from Sindh and Punjab while another three deaths were reported by KPK.

Hospitalizations grew on April 14th to 1,496 in 24 hours up from 1,368 hospitalizations a day ago, of those 44 are reported to be in critical condition or are on ventilators.

Total number of recovered patients reached 1,446.

Numbers show that new cases or deaths haven’t spiked exponentially, however, the curve is still on the rise as of yet, indicating that cases aren’t flattening and peak or even the plateau is no-where in the scene.

Looking at deaths, for instance, indicate that virus is gripping the nation with 35 (out of 107) deaths were reported during just past four days.

We aren’t considering positive cases as an indicator, since there are questions raised on number of tests that are done per day in Pakistan. According to stats, Pakistan is conducting less than 3,000 tests per day, while — as per Chairman NDMA — we have a capacity of over 30,000 tests per day.

For context, Pakistan is testing 332 tests per million population, which is way below than many other countries. USA for instance, the top testing nation, has tested some 10,000 individuals per one million population.

Death number, in Pakistan’s case where testing isn’t done up to those levels, is going to be crucial and major indicator of COVID-19’s impact in the country.

We will have to see how fatality rate to gauge the slide of the outbreak.

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