Samsung Galaxy S20 Will Take Pictures & Videos Through All Cameras At The Same Time [Leak]

Just ahead of its launch, a new leak has spilled details regarding the camera specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S20. The leak comes our way courtesy of XDA developer’s Max Weinbach.

His tweet reveals that all the smartphones in the series will have the ability to take simultaneous pictures and videos from their main, ultra-wide and telephoto shooters. The feature will be dubbed as “Quick Take.”

According to Weinbach, the results will be stored in the smartphone’s gallery app, where users will see all the three images separately.

As exciting as this new feature sounds, it is not the first time someone has done it. A similar feature dubbed “Triple Shot” was seen in LG V40 in 2018. Recently, iPhone users, thanks to a third-party app called DoubleTake, got a similar functionality as well.

Apart from this, the S20 series is also expected to come with another feature called ‘Single Take’ which will compile images captured from all the cameras as short videos. Based on leaks and rumors, the S20 lineup has taken a big leap forward in camera hardware.

The smartphone series will launch on 11 February 2020. Stay tuned for more updates.