Qualities of Skilled RJ

By Abdul Waheed Sheikh

Radio Jockey (RJ) is in itself very catchy and charming word that have a world of words enclosed in it. Yes, it is an RJ who turns the words into feelings and emotions by using their impressive vocals and flawless communication skills. RJ is someone who has to give a spirit to the words and make a way towards the heart of his audience. Apparently RJ just require a microphone in a highly technical studio for presenting his stuff but,


In reality the RJ have to be quite clear about his thoughts, should be passionate about his work and have to work pretty hard for presenting his thoughts and content to the listeners. Few basic points which should be kept in mind for having magnanimous Radio presenting skills are,

  • Creativity

As Fm industry have become so accelerated that the RJs are supposed to speak promptly while presenting the show without having any hard core script, so it is very important for a person to have a fertile and creative mind which is able to generate new thoughts and is able to engage people by the his crunchy conversations.

  • Good Observation:

As RJ present live shows so it somewhere the conventional to talk about the current situations going around and share his opinion with the audience. So for this reason, the observation of RJ play vital role in defining and narrating all the situation happening around.

  • Time Management

As RJ have to present a full fledge show in a limited time so it is very important for him to manage time in a proper way so that he would be able to engage the audience and does not bore the listeners by either long links or back to back songs. Therefore, RJ needs to plan the entire show in a way that he would be able to present a full package.

  • Be Yourself

One can’t be fake for a long time so instead of the fakeness, the RJ should try to present his own self and be realist. Just be confident about yourself and speak up your thoughts and confidently present your own ideas and opinions.

  • RJ should have practice to deal the Technical Instruments of Studio

As RJ have to manage the technical instruments for controlling voice, manage background music and playing sound tracks while presenting the show so it is very important for RJ to completely sync with technology of the instruments so that he would be able to present the show smoothly without any interruption.

  • Be Precise and Accurate

Too long links cause the show to become boring so whenever an RJ pick a topic to talk upon, he should be very précised and stay logical so that people would be able to stay connected with the conversation and do not loose the interest from the conversation.


So if an RJ practices upon these skills he will actually be able to be a brightest star in the FM WORLD.

Stay Passionate, Good Luck..!!

Abdul Waheed Sheik