PML and PDM March 26-28 March 2022:

Traffic plan for PDM Public Gathering on 26th March, 2022 (Tomorrow) at Srinagar Highway near G-9 around 1500hrs
1- Project Turn (Srinagar Highway)
2- Peshawar Turn Underpass (Srinagar Highway)
3- Red Zone
4- Service Road (H-9)
5- Express Chowk (Jinnah Avenue)
6- Education Chowk (H-8)
7- Dhokri Chowk (Srinagar Highway)
1- Commuters will use Margallah Road via 7th Avenue and Jinnah Avenue to enter Red Zone
2- Commuters commuting to New Airport and Peshawar G.T Road will commute via Chungi No. 26, Islam Chowk to G-13 Service Road to Margallah Road and Residents of Islamabad can commute in the sectors
3- Commuters commuting to NUST University, Islamic University, National Police Academy and Police Line Headquarters will commute via G-11 to Police Line Turn.
4- Traffic going to Murree, Bara Kahu to Motorway, Peshawar and new Airport will commute via Murree Road, Rawal Dam Chowk, Taramri Chowk, Khanna, Koral to Rawalpindi Saddar Road
5- Commuters commuting between Rawalpindi and Islamabad will use Faisal Avenue, 9th Avenue, Margallah Road and Murree Road.
6- Traffic coming from Peshawar, G.T Road and Motorway will commute via Chungi No.26 and Srinagar Highway Islamabad Chowk, Project Turn to G-9 Turn to Peshawar Turn Bazar (Market).
7- Commuters coming from Lahore G.T Road and Rawalpindi City to Peshawar turn to attend gathering will commute via Stadium Road, IJP Road and park their vehicles at parking with nursery near 9th Avenue Peshawar Turn Bazar (Market)
8- Commuters coming from Kashmir, Bara Kahu and Murree will commute via Rawal Dam Road Murree Road, Faizabad, IJP Road and 9th Avenue
9- Parking is restricted at Zero point to Peshawar Turn Flyover and 9th Avenue Chowk.
-Road Closure
-Heightened security measures anticipated in federal capital
-Temporary traffic disruptions on alternate routes possibly.

  • Rush on alternate routes
    -Temporary delays in goods deliveries.
    -Extended travel time.
    -Commuters may face difficulties while traveling.
    Please carry your personal identification and vehicle registration documents at all times and cooperate with LEAs.
    Expect increased security checks and traffic congestion due to routes diversions during Parade timings.
    -Allocate additional time while traveling through the above-mentioned areas.
    -Use alternate routes.
    -Delay Expected- Keep a margin of 10-15 minutes in case of scheduled traveling\meetings.
    -Plan your travel and business activities accordngly.