PM expresses determination to never let foreign conspiracy succeed against Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed resolve to fight the conspiracy against his government aimed at undermining Pakistan’s sovereignty and independence.

In his live televised address to the nation, he said it will be decided on Sunday whether the nation will pursue an independent foreign policy or tow the policy of slavery.

He said the nation would never forgive the conspirators as well as their supporters who would be committing any treachery on Sunday.

Talking about a foreign communication, encompassing threats to his government, Imran Khan expressed the determination that he will never let the foreign conspiracy succeed.

He said on March 7, the government received a message from a country through Pakistan’s ambassador there, which said that they would pardon Pakistan’s all misgivings if Imran Khan was ousted. If happened otherwise, Pakistan would have to face difficulties.

Imran Khan said that the message coming before the vote of confidence showed that the political opponents were in contact with that country.

The Prime Minister said during the US-led war against terrorism, the people of tribal areas as well as the expatriates suffered the most but no one spoke for them except himself.

The prime minister vowed not to resign and instead expressed his determination to emerge stronger.