PIA Aircraft Meets an Accident at Islamabad Airport

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft met a minor accident at the runway of the Islamabad International Airport on Monday.

The incident occurred when the airline’s Airbus-320 was preparing to depart for Sharjah. As per details, the aircraft hit the baggage tractor when it was being tugged towards the runway, damaging the VHF antenna of the aircraft.

A PIA spokesperson confirmed the incident, saying that the aircraft has been grounded for essential repair work while another plane has been arranged to fly the passengers to Sharjah.

Earlier, a PIA Airbus-320 was grounded after being hit by a conveyor belt vehicle at the Karachi International Airport. The aircraft was grounded after it was hit by a conveyor belt vehicle and developed a fault in its engine no. 2.

The driver of the conveyor belt vehicle was suspended over his negligence.