Pakistanis Praise Imran Khan for His Humble Cake-Cutting Ceremony

Netizens are lauding Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) leader, Imran Khan, for his simplicity and humility because h celebrating his 70th birthday yesterday with a modest black forest cake.

Yesterday, PTI members in Lahore presented a simple black forest birthday cake to their leader. PTI’s official Twitter page shared a video clip from the birthday celebrations in which Imran Khan is seen surrounded by his party members as he cut himself a slice and proceeded to eat it.

He also tells his party members to not record him while he is eating.

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People admired the former prime minister for his humbleness and not demanding or indulging in an extravagant celebration.

The black forest cake, which reportedly was from Tehzeeb and cost Rs. 1960, was not the only cake made for Imran Khan as several of his fans and supporters took to social media to share their special cakes for the PTI leader.

Netizens also drew comparisons between Imran Khan’s and Nawaz Sharif’s birthday cakes. While the PTI leader had a very common two-pound black forest cake yesterday while the PML-N leader had a large assortment of extravagant custom-made cakes for his 68th birthday, including this one with a lion:

The stark difference between the two political figures is quite evident, which is why Imran Khan is so popular among lower and middle classes Pakistanis.

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