Pakistan will always remain a fortress of Islam: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan says Pakistan would always remain a fortress of Islam and a defender of the rights and interests of Muslims around the world.

In his article published in the ARAB NEWS, he advised the entire Muslim world to carefully navigate the “new realities” and actively shape the emerging world order to realize their individual and collective interests.

He said that toward that objective, the Ummah must first promote and preserve her own sovereignty and territorial integrity by upholding principles, avoiding involvement in great power rivalries, resolving inter-Islamic disputes, and preventing foreign interference and intervention.

The Prime Minister said that as a force for peace with justice, the OIC must continue to support the just causes of Palestine and Kashmir for self-determination and liberation from foreign occupation.

He said that convening of the Islamic Foreign Ministers’ Conference in Islamabad on the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence is an extraordinary display of Muslim solidarity with Pakistan.