Pakistan to Experience Record-Breaking Heat Wave This Week

A record-breaking heatwave is set to grip Pakistan this week as most parts of the country will experience unusually high temperatures due to persistent high pressure in the upper atmosphere.

According to an advisory by the Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD), the temperature in Northern Balochistan, Upper Sindh, South Punjab, Kashmir and adjoining areas during the daytime will remain 9°C to 10°C above normal temperature.

Meanwhile, the temperature in Islamabad, Upper and Central Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, Lower Sindh, and South Balochistan during the daytime will remain 7°C to 8°C above normal. This essentially means that the country will record unprecedented temperatures in March.

Speaking in this regard, a PMD spokesperson advised the citizens to avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight and keep themselves hydrated throughout the day. Pollen allergy patients in Islamabad and Lahore are advised to take extra precautionary measures as the high temperatures will increase pollen concentration in the cities.

Strong dust-raising winds will also blow in North Balochistan, South Punjab, and Upper Sindh.

Unusually high temperatures will cause water shortage to crops and farmers are advised to manage water for crops accordingly. On the other hand, it will also result in the early harvest of wheat in Sindh and South Punjab.

The spokesperson also asked all Provincial Disaster Management Authorities to remain alert during this period and take necessary precautionary steps to deal with any situation.