Pakistan is Better Than India in Paying People What They Deserve: WEF

When it comes to fair wages, Pakistan is ranked higher than India according to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Ahead of its annual meeting in Davos, WEF released its first-ever Global Social Mobility Report for 2020. The report assesses different socio-economic indicators in 82 countries.

According to the report, Pakistan ranks 72nd in fair wage distribution while India is ranked 79th.

Moreover, Pakistan fares better than India when it comes to employment opportunities, placing Pakistan and India at 67th and 75th positions respectively.

Determinants of Social Mobility

WEF describes social mobility as either the upward or downward movement of an individual in relation to their parents. The impact of socio-economic conditions on an individual’s life is described as relative social mobility.

The report evaluated the following socio-economic determinants for 82 countries:

  1. Health
  2. Education
    • Access to education
    • Quality of education
    • Lifelong learning
  3. Access to Technology
  4. Work
    • Work opportunities
    • Fair wage distribution
    • Working conditions
  5. Resilience and institutions
    • Social protection
    • Inclusive institutions

Best Performers

Nordic countries have occupied the top five spots in the report. Denmark is ranked first with a total social mobility score of 85.2, followed by Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. The report has placed the UK at 21st and the US in the 27th position.

Whereas India is placed at 76th and Pakistan at 79th in the final compiled social mobility index.

Key Findings

The report highlights that only a few countries have the right socio-economic opportunities that could foster social mobility. Meanwhile, nearly all countries fared badly in the fair wage distribution, social protection, working conditions, and lifelong learning.

With increasing inequality, children raised in a less privileged background are more likely to experience barriers to success than the children born into affluent families. The report has underscored that inequalities within a society can undermine its cohesiveness.

Read the detailed report at the World Economic Forum.