Pakistan expresses commitment to take process of investigation of Pulwama incident to logical conclusion.

Pakistan has expressed the commitment to take the process of investigation of Pulwama incident to logical conclusion.

The commitment was expressed during a briefing given by the Foreign Office to the diplomatic corps in Islamabad on Pakistan’s initial findings on the Indian Paper related to Pulwama incident.

The Foreign Office said additional information and documents would be required from India to continue the process of investigations.

Consistent with its commitment to cooperate, Pakistan has shared preliminary findings of its investigations with India along with a set of questions.

The diplomatic corps was informed that the Indian side had shared a Paper on 27 February 2019. Soon after its receipt, Pakistan constituted an investigation team, detained a number of persons for investigations and initiated work on the technical aspects of social media content, the main basis of Indian Paper.

The diplomatic corps was further informed that during the course of investigations, all aspects of the information provided by India have been thoroughly examined.

Service Providers have been requested for data including relevant details of activities and contacts of the GSM number provided by India.

A request for assistance from Whatsapp has also been made to the US Government.

The diplomatic corps was informed that 54 detained individuals are being investigated. However, no details linking them to Pulwama have been found so far.

Similarly, the 22 pin locations shared by India have been examined. No such camps exist. Pakistan is willing to allow visits, on request, to these locations.