Pakistan desires independent foreign policy: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan says Pakistan desires independent foreign policy based on good relations with all countries on basis of mutual respect.

In a televised address to the nation, he said the government should make foreign policy in the interest of the people of Pakistan and for the sake of peace.

The Prime Minister urged the nation, particularly the youth to rise and stand with him in his struggle to protect the sovereignty of Pakistan.

He urged the nation to save themselves and their future generations from the evil, and protect the dignity and honour of the country.

Imran Khan recalled the decision to dissolve the National Assembly last Saturday and said he took the decision so that he could go back to the people who had brought him to the place, and participate in a fresh election, in a perfectly democratic way.

He said the opposition alliance was against the use of Electronic Voting Machines as they do not want free, fair and transparent elections, and deny the voting rights to overseas Pakistanis.

The Prime Minister said the deputy speaker prorogued the National Assembly session because of the foreign interference, which was a serious allegation. He said as a foreign country conspired to topple his government so he wanted a probe in the issue and the judges should have looked at the letter from that country.

Calling the youth future of the country, the Prime Minister said it was responsibility of the elders to guide them and shape their morality to resist trends like buying and selling of the conscience of politicians.

The prime minister said it was responsibility of the citizens to stop the evil of corruption from spreading in the society.