Murtaza Solangi urges youth to get inspiration from astronaut Namira Salim

The journey of Namira Salim, the first-ever astronaut of Pakistan, is a symbol of country’s growing presence in space exploration, which is a major achievement for the nation.

This was stated by Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi at a joint news conference, along with Namira Salim in Islamabad today.

He urged the youth to get inspiration from Namira Salim to project country’s positive image.

Congratulating Namira Salim for securing this great achievement for the country, the Minister expressed gratitude to the Virgin Galactic Spaceship for providing spaceflight opportunity to her.

Speaking on the occasion, Namira Salim stressed for promoting space education as a tool of space diplomacy. She said government’s support is indispensable in this regard.

Namira Salim said she looks forward to inspiring youth and empowering women with her journey to space and to developing a sound STEM education and space curriculum in the country with the help of private and public sectors. She also expressed the desire to develop space camps for children in primary schools.

Namira Salim became the first Pakistani to travel to space and the first female Virgin Galactic Founder Astronaut aboard Virgin Galactic on 6th of the last month.

During her spaceflight, Namira Salim witnessed Earth from space. She remained in Zero Gravity for three minutes and flew the national flag with her to space.

Namira Salim returned to Pakistan on 16th of this month and presented the National Flag she flew to space to President Dr Arif Alvi.