Lipton Wins The Heart Of People With Thought-Provoking TVC

Lipton is one of the most popular household tea brands in Pakistan. Tea is what brings people together in Pakistan. Feeling stressed? Hard day? Spending time with family? Have a cup of tea. Recently, Lipton launched a heartfelt TVC that is relatable to every modern family.

Take a Deep Breath, Relax and Let Things Go

Focus on things that matter the most and the rest will work out. This year, Lipton wants you to rethink your priorities. Their new campaign called ‘Jaagien un kay liye jo waqai ahem hain’ takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster of a ride that teaches everyone a valuable life lesson

A Beautiful Father-daughter Moment

The popular tea brand’s latest commercial revolves around a narrative that is close to the hearts of most families. It shows a father-daughter relationship in the most beautiful and touching manner that instantly brings a smile to our faces. The TVC opens with the two playing together which sadly gets interrupted by an office call that the father has to attend to.

Saddened by this, the little girl picks up the TV remote, and uses it as a telephone to mimic her fathers’ words and busy routine to a teddy bear. The father instantly feels how his daughter sees him and decides to put work on hold to spend some quality time with his daughter.

In most TV commercials, it is always the mother who plays a key role in weaving relationships, which is why it is so refreshing to see Lipton’s TVC focus on the father and the daughter. Though the mother’s role in the TVC is fairly limited, she still manages to steal the show with her one cup of Lipton chai. It is the sweet, warm hug in a mug that makes the man realize that after all, family comes first and work can wait. After sipping the tea, there’s a moment of silence and he recognizes the need to reevaluate his priorities.

A Relatable Subject Matter

Let’s accept it, we’ve been busy with our own daily work routine when we were needed elsewhere. This campaign by Lipton is a beautiful reminder to the audience and inspired us to think upon all of those times when we had unconsciously failed to be there for our loved ones. It makes us realize that we have to be present in these precious moments so that we can create beautiful memories with the people who matter the most in the world.

Lipton’s New Year Goals For Us

The recent campaign has been managed to garner nationwide praise and admiration for the message it conveyed. Lipton has given us all a new year resolution goal which is to enjoy these small moments with the people we love and not be get caught up in our work life. So, as Lipton conveys, this 2020, ‘Jaagien un kay liye jo waqai ahem hain.’