Islamabad Turns White After Unexpected Heavy Hailstorm

Islamabad’s weather, which had been getting slightly hotter in the last few days, turned colder after rain and hailstorm, bringing a much-needed respite to the citizens.

Islamabad received a pleasant surprise earlier today when an unexpected heavy rain accompanied by moderate to heavy hailstorm hit different areas of the federal capital.

Videos of the rain and hailstorm have been going viral, with many people expressing their delight at the sudden change in weather.

Citizens are enjoying the pleasant change in weather. Some people are taking a stroll in the rain, while others are driving in the rain. The sudden change in weather has also provided an opportunity for people to indulge in their favorite comfort foods and beverages.

However, the rain and hailstorm also caused some inconvenience to the citizens. Drains in many areas of the city were temporarily choked, causing serious difficulties for the citizens.

Overall, the unexpected heavy rain and hailstorm brought a welcome change to the citizens of the federal capital. While it may have caused some inconvenience, the respite from the recently increasing temperature has been a welcome relief.