Islamabad Traffic Situation:

TLP protest SIT-IN continues at G.T road -Muridke. However, due to the TLP protest march warning towards Islamabad, containers have been placed at different locations in the Federal Capital and traffic is being diverted from:

1- Diversion placed for both sides of traffic at Murree Road, Faiz-ul-Islam stop, from and to Faizabad. Alternatively, traffic from Islamabad to Murree Road Rawalpindi is diverted to Islamabad Highway.

2- Diversion placed for both sides of traffic from Rawal Dam Chowk towards Faizabad. Alternatively, traffic can go to Islamabad Highway via Park Road and Lehterar Road. And can also use go IJP Road via Srinagar Highway and 9th Avenue.

3- Diversion placed for both sides of traffic at IJP Road from 9th Avenue signal towards Faizabad. 9th Avenue can be used as alternate route.

4- Diversion placed for both sides of traffic at 9th Avenue signal towards Stadium Road. Alternatively, you may use Peshawar Road and Islamabad Highway

5- Diversion placed for traffic from Islamabad Highway towards IJP Road. Alternatively, Islamabad Highway can be used for commuting.

Plan your travel accordingly.

TLP Protest March – G.T Road- Muridke – Developing Update @ 0945 hrs – Rally Started

TLP protesters are now on the move towards Islamabad.

The G.T Road is blocked from multiple locations and heavy police contingents are deployed with riot gears to restrict TLP rally movement. Clashes anticipated between TLP activists and the police.

We continue to advise you to avoid all kinds of travel/transport on G.T Road from Lahore towards Rawalpindi/Islamabad. You may use Motorway as an alternate route.

We are monitoring the situation and will keep you posted.

Maintain Vigilance!