Forum expressed grave concern over current COVID situation in the country and unanimously agreed for implementation of following high impact interventions in cities / districts with positivity greater than 8% (3 x days rolling average) to contain the disease spread.

In cities with positivity less than 8%, already imposed NPIs will continue to be enforced based on risk assessment / disease prevalence.

a. Implementation of Broader lockdowns with stringent enforcement protocols based on risk assessment. No mobility will be allowed except emergencies.

b. Closure of all type of indoor dining. However, outdoor dining permitted till 10:00 pm. Takeaways will be allowed.

c. Closure of all commercial activities (less essential services) by 8:00 pm.

d. Two safe days per week will be observed. Choice of days will be at the discretion of Federating Units.

e. Gatherings with upper limit of 300 persons will be allowed with strict adherence of COVID SOPs. However, all types of indoor gatherings involving cultural, musical / religious or miscellaneous event will be banned.

f. Complete closure of Cinemas / Shrines will continue to be enforced.

g. Complete ban on contact sports, festivals, cultural and other events.

h. Outdoor marriage functions till 10:00 pm with upper limit of 300 guests with strict adherence
of COVID SOPs (event duration 2 hours only). No indoor functions will be allowed.

i. Complete closure of amusement parks, however, walking / jogging tracks will remain open with strict adherence of COVID SOPs.

j. 50 % work from home policy will continue (including all public / private offices and courts).

k. Intercity public transport to operate at 50 % of capacity.

l. Rail service to operate at 70 % of capacity.

m. Compulsory mask wearing be ensured by all federating units while incorporating innovative measures for enforcement.

n. Reduced presence at courts (City, District, High Courts and SC).

o. Stringent protocols for tourism in GB, KP, AJK and tourist places elsewhere. Sentinel testing
sites at entry points / selected locations be established.

p. Mass media coverage highlighting punitive actions.

These high impact interventions will be implemented forthwith and will remain enforced till 11 April 21.

Plan your business operations accordingly.