Is Prime Minister Imran Khan Attending The Wedding of Hamza Ali Abbasi?

hamza ali abbasi with Imran Khan

As we all know, Hamza Ali Abbasi is a staunch supporter of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Ever since Hamza confirmed news about his wedding to Naimal Khawar, we have been wondering whether the PM will be attending his nuptials or not.

Now we have got the answer to our question, and here’s whats happening.

Imran Khan Invited to Wedding?

According to the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Media Mr. Iftikhar Durrani, it is unlikely that the PM will be a guest of Hamza Ali Abbasi on his special day.

Talking to a local media outlet he said,

“I don’t think so. Ever since he has become PM, he has not attended any social events except for two weddings, one of which was his Military Secretary daughter’s wedding.”

Even though PM Imran Khan had been often seen at the weddings of his friends and party leaders. But after taking oath as the PM of Pakistan we have rarely seen him at any wedding function.

PM Khan also skipped the wedding of his niece Aminah Khan due to his busy schedule. Her wedding was held at the Lahore residence of Imran Khan and his sons were there as well.


Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar

On Wednesday, Hamza Abbasi confirmed his wedding rumors to the Anaa actress.

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The couple will be tying the knot on this Sunday in a simple nikah ceremony attended by close family members and friends. Their valima will be held the very next day.