International Space Station Could Crash Thanks to Sanctions on Russia: Dmitry Rogozin

Russian space agency, ROSCOSMOS recently cautioned that the recently imposed sanctions from Western countries could adversely impact the International Space Station (ISS), in response to American criticism over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.

Director-General of ROSCOSMOS, Dmitry Rogozin, recently commented that the sanctions, including those imposed before the start of the conflict in Ukraine, could impact the Russian services at ISS.

The Russian part of the station is responsible for the correction of its orbit, failure of which could lead to the crash of the station on Earth.

Rogozin added:

The Russian segment ensures that the station’s orbit is corrected (on average 11 times a year), including to avoid space debris.

The Director-General is a staunch supporter of Russia in Ukraine and has already presented likely locations where the station may crash.

He also stated:

But the populations of other countries, especially those led by the ‘dogs of war’, should think about the price of the sanctions against Roscosmos.

On 1st March NASA stated that it was looking for a solution to keep the Space Station in orbit without the support of Russia.

The Russian space agency also added that it had appealed to NASA, the Canadian Space Agency, as well as the European Space Agency “demanding the lifting of illegal sanctions against our companies.”