Indian troops launches cordon and search operation in Qazigund, occupied Kashmir.

In occupied Kashmir, Indian troops launched a cordon and search operation in Qazigund area of Islamabad district.

The operation was jointly launched by the Indian army, Special Operations Group and the Central Reserve Police Force in Panzath area of the district.

Meanwhile, two Indian soldier committed suicide by shooting themselves with their service rifles in occupied Kashmir.

These incidents raised the number of such deaths amongst the Indian troops and police personnel to 425 in occupied Kashmir since January 2007 till date.

India’s most famous novelist and human rights activist Arundhati Roy has criticized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being extremely reckless in carrying out airstrikes against Pakistan.

In a media interview, she urged world to turn its attention to Kashmir dispute because of dangerous situation in region.

Arundhati Roy said that if the world was concerned about the nuclear war then it would have to care about the Kashmir issue.