Independent foreign policy inevitable to protect interests of people: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stressed that inclusive prosperity, rule of law and an independent foreign policy are the key elements for the national security of any country.

Inaugurating Islamabad Security Dialogue on Friday, he said unequal development, increasing gap between the rich and the poor and capture of resources by a handful elite class make a country vulnerable.

He emphasized that society becomes secure and successful when it looks after the weak segments of the society and ensures rule of law.

The Prime Minister said that without an independent foreign policy, the country cannot protect the interests of its people.

He pointed out that the present government has pursued an independent foreign policy and did not become part of bloc politics to achieve the same objectives. As a result of this, he said Pakistan has received a lot of respect and recognition at the international level over the last three and a half years.

Alluding to the threatening document received by his government, he said nobody should interfere in the internal matters of other countries in such a manner. He said it is because of our weaknesses and flawed policies of the past that such a thing has happened.

He said Pakistan has paid a heavy price by becoming part of conflicts in the past. He said we compromised the interests of our people because of the aid we received from other countries.

The Prime Minister said he envisages Pakistan a welfare state where there will be rule of law and an independent policy.

Highlighting the steps taken by his government, Imran Khan said we have introduced a universal health insurance scheme under which the poor people can also get medical treatment at private hospitals. He said our social protection programs are aimed at uplifting the disadvantaged segments of the society.

He said our struggle for rule of law is critical and our success in it will take the country forward.

Earlier in his remarks, National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf said our national security policy focuses on peace, cooperation and economy. He said we want cooperation with all the countries.

The National Security Adviser said that best experts from around the world as well as intellectuals and cabinet members are attending the security dialogue.