Imran Khan Asked to Use a Cycle to Get to Office. December 20, 2018

Pakistan Cycling Federation secretary, Syed Azhar Ali Shah, has recommended PM Imran Khan to use cycle as his method of conveyance for office.

Just like famous political personalities before, the initiative of riding cycles can bring a new and cost-effective trend among the locals as well.

The trend of riding a two-wheeler can be an effective reason to overcome the global warming in Pakistan. Being one of the most followed personalities in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s decision could push his followers to a part of the new trend, he added.

According to the cycling federation secretary, the trend of riding two-wheelers is a common thing in the world. He mentioned that General Zia Ul Haq took this hardcore initiative in Pakistan and he and his officials had ridden cycles for quite a long period of time.

Riding cycles can bring a lot of other benefits as well, other than being a reasonable source of transportation. Many doctors recommended that it is beneficial when it comes to health as well.

Even before the secretary’s recommendation, using cycles was a common thing. Former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moo, Governor of California Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other well-known personalities set the example of riding cycles to prevent the outrageous use of smoke beaming vehicles.