Getz Pharma Launches ‘MEDACE’, an online learning platform for medical professionals

Getz Pharma Press Release

Karachi, February 17, 2022: Getz Pharma, in collaboration with Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), has announced the launch of the first three courses on their brand new online medical learning platform MEDACE.

‘MEDACE’ is an initiative by Getz Pharma aimed to facilitate medical professionals acquiring access to certified online courses. The online platform is designed to enhance and improve their knowledge and practice, and aims to become the one platform for medical community where they can learn from the CME courses, watch webinars and videos as well as read blogs on recent medical updates to enhance their medical knowledge. Medical professionals can sign up for any number of certified courses throughout the year.

The launching ceremony was addressed by Dr. Jahanzeb K. Khan, Director Medical Affairs, PV and Clinical Research, Getz Pharma; Dr. Shahid Shamim, Professor of Surgery & Additional Director, Dow Institute of Health Professional Education; Dr. Yousuf Kamal Mirza, Consultant Physician & Hon. Professor of Medicine at Aga Khan University Hospital, Tabba Heart Institute & Medi-link Clinics; Prof. Bader Faiyaz Zuberi, Dean Medicine & Allied Sciences, DUHS.

Speakers from Getz Pharma and DUHS appreciated the collaborative efforts that have made this platform a reality. Doctors lauded the efforts of Getz Pharma in initiating this service, which will enable the medical fraternity across Pakistan to gain access to new and improved treatments, medical innovations and disease information.

Dr. Jahanzeb Kamal, said that MEDACE will connect young doctors with experienced ones in order to share knowledge to improve the practice via CME Courses; Webinars Lecture; Videos; Articles & Blogs. “Getz Pharma has taken scientific initiatives to develop locally accredited learning courses in collaboration with Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi. These courses have indigenous contents delivered by native experts covering local unmet medical educational needs”, he added.

The purpose of this initiative is to enable healthcare professionals to learn and adopt various approaches towards treating their patients. Identifying risk factors and differentiating patient symptoms for better treatment outcomes and optimizing patient care and importantly providing healthcare professionals a platform where they can develop courses for young doctors so that they can enhance their knowledge and experience with local experts.

As a research-driven pharmaceutical company, Getz Pharma takes an active role in supporting healthcare professionals. Getz Pharma is proud to launch this online learning platform MEDACE, which will serve as a tool for learning and collaboration within the medical fraternity. The first three courses were developed with the help of DUHS.

Getz Pharma:
Getz Pharma is Pakistan’s leading pharmaceutical company with operations in over 25 countries. It is the only company whose manufacturing facility is pre-qualified and approved by the World Health Organization, Geneva, and member countries of PIC/S. Getz Pharma is the largest investor and the highest taxpayer in the pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan. It is also the highest exporter of pharmaceutical products. It has received the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) Export trophy from the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan for 14 consecutive years. Getz Pharma is also the pharmaceutical company in South Asia to attain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification for its new manufacturing facility, Astola.