General Manager of China Mobile Mr. Dong Xin Attended the 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC) and Gave a Keynote Speech

On February 27, 2023, Mobile World Congress (MWC) was held in Barcelona, Spain. The general manager of China Mobile (Parent company of CMPak “Zong 4G”) Mr. Dong Xin attended the conference and gave a keynote speech.

Mr. Dong Xin emphasized that “digitalization” is one of the most certain global trends in the next decade. If we see “digitalization” as a seed, once it sprouts from the ground, it will thrive and grow into a forest. How to play a bigger role and make greater progress in this process, China Mobile will strengthen fusion innovation, accelerate digital transformation, and jointly promote “New Actions” to achieve five “one to three”.

Firstly, upgrade “New Network”, and expand network functions from primarily “connectivity” to a one-stop service of “Connectivity + Computing Force + Capability”. With the accelerated progress of “intelligent connection of everything”, connectivity among tens of billions of humans, machines, and things continue to generate massive high-value data, making data processing a common demand of the whole society. The booming rise of AI-generated content accelerates the exponential growth of the demand for multi-level Computing Force in cloud, edge, and terminal, to boost a new round of information technology application development. In recent years, based on our 5G + fiber “dual-gigabit” network, China Mobile has integrated 7.8 EFLOPS computing resources and opened nearly 900 digital-intelligent capabilities, serving the demand for more than 150 billion times of deployments from various customers in 2022. Network is a solid foundation for the sustainable development of digitalization, as well as an important carrier for the integrated innovation of new-generation information technology. China Mobile is delighted to work together to make full use of the advantages of the existing network, including wide coverage, fast transmission, and a high level of security, to jointly build new information infrastructure, to carry out research on the architecture and deployment of next-gen network, to lower the threshold of IT application for the whole society.

Secondly, promote “New Operations”, and expand operation driving forces from primarily “human” to coordinated multiple elements of “human + data + intelligence”. With the extensive application of information technology, human knowledge has been pooling in intelligent machines. “Data-driven decision-making” provides new ideas for corporate governance, and IT departments of enterprises are becoming “the second department of human resources” at a faster pace. China Mobile is applying “Digital Employees” in areas such as network operation & maintenance and customer services, which frees human resources from a massive amount of highly repetitive work, and greatly improves our productivity. Operation is the key pillar to digitalization, as well as the best testbed for new information technology. China Mobile is delighted to work together to accelerate network cloudification, virtualization, and ‘intelligentization’, to deepen the innovation practice of information technology throughout the process of production, operation, and management, to explore new models, tools, and approaches of enterprise operation, to make the ICT industry a global benchmark on digital transformation.

Thirdly, develop “New Sci-tech”, and expand innovation focuses from primarily “business” to comprehensive innovation of “business + technology + theory”. With the new generation of information technology entering a critical period, the rapid development of disruptive technologies such as deep learning, quantum information, and brain-computer interface constantly create new opportunities, greatly shorten the transition from technology to application, and open up a new path to benefit human with Sci-tech. For instance, China Mobile is promoting joint innovations together with industries, academia, research institutions, and users. Based on 5G, space-air-ground integrated network technologies, China Mobile has built “drone” base stations, which have been successfully applied to emergency relief sites hit by disasters like rainstorms and earthquakes, effectively safeguarding the communication “lifeline” of the disaster-hit areas. Sci-tech is an essential nutrient for the prosperity of digitalization, as well as the commonwealth of human society. China Mobile is delighted to work together to accelerate theoretical research on the interdisciplinary theory of communication and information, facilitate original and leading innovations, explore the cutting-edge application of information technology, and inject strong impetus into economic and social development.

Fourthly, cultivate “New Products”, and expand service scopes from primarily “lifestyle” to multi-scenario applications of “lifestyle + production + governance”. With the booming development of the digital economy, people’s lifestyles, including food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, are going online, intelligent, and cloud-based. The demand for information technology to improve productivity is surging across industries. Data is playing a greater role in promoting more accurate, efficient, and fair allocation of social resources. China Mobile is working with partners to build “5G+ smart factories” and a 5G private network covering an area of more than 5 million square meters. The project has successfully solved the challenges of extreme manufacturing and made it one of the world’s leading manufacturing bases. Information service products are key paths to the value creation of digitalization, as well as important drivers to promote the transformation of lifestyle, production, and social progress. China Mobile is delighted to work together to jointly explore new scenarios, products, and business models, to accelerate the replication and promotion of smart living, smart factory, smart city, and other applications, to constantly meet the personalized needs of large-scale users, to accelerate the penetration of new information technology.

Fifthly, build a “New Eco-system”, and expand cooperation models from primarily “industry” to in-depth integration of “industry + technology + capital”. With the accelerated penetration of information technology into the core links and key fields of various industries, it generates urgent demand for cross-industry knowledge integration and sharing. Ecological collaboration in a wider range, at a deeper and higher level, has increasingly become a must for the industry to prosper and grow. China Mobile is broadening the digital eco-system landscape and has invested in more than 50 enterprises, set up 20 joint innovation institutions, and gathered more than 300 thousand various partners. The eco-system is a favorable environment for digitalization to flourish, as well as the essential path to accelerate global digital transformation. China Mobile is delighted to work together to carry out international cooperation on technology standards, global services, and green development, to strengthen deep coordination with research institutes, venture capitals, and cross-industry enterprises, to build a win-win eco-system community of shared future, to allow more digitalization achievements to be more equally shared around the world.

Mr. Dong Xin stressed that at present, the world is ushering in a new era of digital development. China Mobile is delighted to take this great global mobile industry event as an opportunity to work together with a broader ICT community, seize the opportunities of the digital decade, promote integrated innovation, to set sail to the boundless “Blue Ocean” of digitalization.