Develop a radio on Shoutcast for your media brand

Do you manage an already strong or developing media? Whether it is a pure player or a historical brand, a web radio can be a considerable asset in the development of a multi-media offer. It is the best way to “amplify” your content and offer an enriched experience to your users. Here are six good reasons to try the adventure. 

 The audience base already exists. Your radio station will quickly find its listeners if you give it large visibility on your media.

– The brand already exists. The work of conception, choice of name, editorial line, etc… is already done or very easy to do since your radio is based on existing media.

– The Shoutcast offer is very inexpensive and easily monetizable. Your radio becomes an additional source of income for your media.

– Thanks to the radio, your users stay longer on your site/app, and your overall audience increases.

– Shoutcast tools adapt to your needs. Technically, developing and programming your radio with Shoutcast is very easy. No need for a state-of-the-art studio: a computer and a few good ideas can create a successful program.