COVID-19 Positive Couple Sneaks Onto a Flight at Islamabad Airport

Authorities at Islamabad International Airport offloaded two COVID-19 positive passengers from a U.K bound flight. According to the reports, British Airways had released boarding passes to the two passengers who did not have a standard coronavirus report.

Side-stepping health and other officials stationed onsite, the corona-positive couple, Mushtaq Khan and Aksar Begum, somehow managed to reach the plane.

Airline officials, with the help of FIA agents, stormed the plane after learning about their health status. Although the FIA allowed the perpetrators to go home, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued an inquiry into how the passengers managed to board the plane.

Later, it was learned that the couple had previously tried to travel by Qatar Airways a few days ago. In principle, Qatar Airways refuses boarding passes to COVID-positive passengers.